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A Blog Is Not Always A Blog

Posted July 22, 2016

By way of introduction to the PPIWS blog, I'll start by admitting that our previous website did not have a blog page. Blogs were not nearly as popular back in 2009 when our old site was designed as they are today, and we didn’t see the need to spend time writing blog posts… but times have changed, and so have we! Blogs are now seen by many as a good source of casual or "unofficial” information gathering, and we agree that IF a blog is written well, by an expert in the field, and contains pertinent info that will benefit its readers, a blog can be a great asset to a website and the company the site represents. Conversely, however, if a blog is poorly written, or written by stock writers that are just trying to add more content to a site for the sake of new content, a blog can be a huge waste of time. Here’s what I mean…

As you may be aware, in today’s search-engine-driven internet world a blog is often used primarily as a tool to increase search engine visibility (called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization) because Google and other search engines value new/fresh content and tend to reward websites with regular new content by placing them higher in search results. A consistent stream of blog posts is one way (often the only way) to add new content to a website, and many companies use their blog as the main method of adding that new content on a regular basis to try and get placed higher on Google. Way too many companies use this strategy to boost SEO, but usually at the expense of real user-beneficial content; the point of those types of posts is to add content in hopes of appearing “search relevant” when the actual content is anything but relevant to the reader trying to make a buying decision (and you’ll easily spot these types of posts because they will include “keywords” like the city or cities being targeted, the types of products being sold, and other catch-phrases repeated awkwardly in the text). I know many people (including myself) that cringe when they see blog posts loaded with “keywords” and are so generic that they are useless, and when a savvy consumer sees a truly relevant blog post written by the owner or an expert in the field (which is what our blog is meant to be), it becomes obvious that most blogs are written by paid SEO engineers and are only there to achieve an SEO goal.

Although my posting of new blog entries over time may in fact help this site to place higher in search results, that is NOT the main reason PPIWS is excited to add a blog page to our web presence. For us, this blog is a way to introduce and discuss topics relevant to the replacement window and siding industry and to reveal “insider secrets” to you, the general buying public, that are not being discussed in open forums (a great example being the “blog expose” I just told you about). Much of what I will post here will be in this “expose-style” of reporting on topics of mis-information, confusion, and myth that have been perpetuated by many in the home improvement industry in order to mislead homeowners (purposefully or out of ignorance) into false assumptions, and this mis-information can result in misguided and regretful purchases. My hope is that this blog will provide relevant, truthful, and objective info to the multitudes, and not exist to just try and make another sale. More to come…

Thanks for reading. Dustin

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