Top Siding Choices for Your Home
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Top Siding Choices for Your Home

Posted January 06, 2017

exterior siding Denver

Most types of siding on homes will last for years, but eventually, it’ll be time to replace the old with something new. You may even be interested in making an update to something more modern or popular. Like most other features of a home, siding comes in many styles and options. It’s important to choose what makes the most sense to you and what matches your budget and preferences. Shopping for new siding doesn’t have to be a headache. Consider the following choices when it comes time to install new exterior siding in Denver.


A tried and true type of siding for your home, aluminum is a material that homeowners everywhere have used for decades. This type of siding has proven durable and comes in many color options. They will fade over time and require regular maintenance.


Vinyl siding is gaining popularity and is seen more and more on various types of homes. This type of siding is simple to maintain, and you can even install it yourself without using many tools. You can choose the colors you want to match your own style.


If it’s a more rustic look you want in exterior siding in Denver, wood is an excellent choice. You will want to paint the siding frequently and will need to keep an eye on possible cracking. However, if you maintain the siding well, it should last for many years to come.


Newer homes are commonly covered in stucco. You’ll love that this type of siding can last forever, as long as you care for it properly. Installation is a little more complex, though, and will likely require the help from a professional.

The look and durability of your siding is critical to the entire house. Exterior siding in Denver comes in these options and others. Use this guide to help you make the choice that best matches your needs.

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